IAB Meeting 5 Project Proposals

Last updated March 30, 2017

Past Proposals for Research Projects

  • Claimbuster: The Quest to Automate Fact Checking

  • Safe Adaptation of Intelligent Interactive Systems

  • SmartShoes for Diabetics

  • Pixel to App

  • Data Privacy During Software Development and Maintenance

  • Hardware Assisted Secure Data Aggregation and Analysis

  • Tools for Internet Privacy and Usable Security

  • Enabling Deep Web Mining

  • Eye Tracking & Augmented-Reality Wearables for Human-Robot Cooperation

  • Eye Tracking Applications in Healthcare

  • A Raspberry PI and open-source system for detecting activities of daily living

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Human Activity Recognition

  • EyeOn: A Communication System for Activity Monitoring of Seniors with Dementia

  • Anti-Forensics, Forensics, and Robustness in 3D Video-based Applications

  • Expert Control of Humanoid Robots

  • Cardiovascular Health on the Wrist: Platform for Monitoring Implantables and Vitals

  • Objective Assessment of the Progression of Parkinson's Disease by Analysis of Facial Display

  • Continuous Monitoring of Speech Activity During Regular Daily Activities

  • Speech and Speaker Variability: Assessing Who, What, Where, and How from the Earth to the Moon

  • Human Enhancing Technology

  • Emotionally Aware Healthcare Interfaces

  • Virtual Reality for Safety Training

  • Improving Performance Through Energy Harvesting

*Please contact either makedon@uta.edu or daescu@utdallas.edu for more information regarding the projects.

The iPerform Center also holds a semi-annual industry advisory board meeting.