iPerform Center Planning Meeting Agenda (Download)

Please bring your laptop during the meeting to input your feedback to projects online.

December 11 - 12, 2013

University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute
7300 Jack Newell Boulevard South
Fort Worth, TX 76118
Directions and Parking



7:30 AM Participant Registration
7:30 - 8:15 AM Breakfast and Networking Time
8:15 - 8:35 AM Welcome Remarks :
LT. Ret. General Rick Lynch, UTARI Director
Fillia Makedon, UTA Director
Ovidiu Daescu, UTD site Director
Dr. Mark Spong, Dean of UTD College of Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Khosrow Behbehani, Dean of UTA College of Engineering
8:35 - 9:05 AM Vision, Capabilities and Value Proposition of the Center (Fillia Makedon, Ovidiu Daescu)
9:05 - 10:05 AM NSF I/UCRC Presentation (I/UCRC Program Director and Evaluator: Dee Hoffman, Thyaga Nandagopal, Rita Rodriguez, Alexander Schwarzkopf)
10:05 - 10:20 AM BREAK
10:20 - 12:20PM UTA Project Proposal Presentations
  1. Software for Interoperability Testing of Medical Devices, (Jeff Lei, David Kung)
  2. Data Privacy in Health Care Applications, (Heng Huang, Gautam Das, Christoph Csallner)
  3. Assistive Technologies to improve performance and accessibility for people with disabilities, (Fillia Makedon, Vangelis Metsis, Junzhou Huang, Heng Huang, Vassilis Athitsos)
  4. An affordable Eye-tracking System (Chris McMurrough)
  5. Real-Time Robot Vision Tools (Gian-Luca Mariottini) - 10 mins
    Consumer Robotics (Anastasia Krithara, Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Vangelis Karkaletsis) - 10 mins
12:20 - 1:20 PM LUNCH
1:20 - 3:20 PM UTD Project Proposal Presentations
  1. Analytics for Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention, (Mehrdad Nourani)
  2. An Intelligent m-Health Platform for Tele-health and Chronic Care Management. (Lakshman Tamil)
  3. Shoe: A Generic Platform for Human Need, (Dinesh Bhatia)
  4. Telepresence, Haptics, and Motion Capture as Assistive Technologies, (Balakrshnan Prabhakaran)
  5. Assistive Technologies for Better Healthcare, (Ovidiu Daescu, David Allen)
3:20 - 3:35 PM BREAK
3:35 - 4:35 PM Industry workshop: discussion of projects & company needs
4:35 - 4:45 PM Review of Evening and Day 2 activities
4:45 - 6:00 PM Technical Forum and Social (Poster/Demo Session)
  1. Data Privacy When Building Software (Christoph Csallner)
  2. Real-Time Robotic Machine Vision and Applications (Gian-Luca Mariottini)
    • Real-time object recognition
    • Indoor mapping
    • Sensor-based robot navigation
    • Medical Image Analysis
  3. Improving Usability of Query Systems over Data Graphs (Chengkai Li, UTA)
  4. Recognizing Gestures: Large Vocabulary Gesture Recognition for Everyone (Vassilis Athitsos, UTA)
  5. Facial Behavior Analysis to Detect Medical Conditions Non-Invasively (Junzhou Huang, UTA)
  6. Real-Time Emotion Recognition in Complex Environments to detect Emotion (Heng Huang, UTA)
  7. IntelligentEyes: A System for the Blind and Visually Impaired People (biomecsi.uta.edu) (Jean Gao, UTA)
  8. Computer-aided gross motor rehabilitation using vision based interaction (Vangelis Metsis, UTA)
  9. Interaction enabling technologies for people with disabilities and/or communication problems
    • Adaptive Dialogue Systems for Human Robot Interaction (Alexandros Papangelis, UTA)
    • Intelligent Environments using Audiovisual Speech Recognition & Localization (George Galatas, UTA)
  10. ProTest: A Software Tool for Conformance Testing Of Personal Healthcare Devices (Jeff Lei, UTA)
  11. A Reconfigurable, Parallel Continuous Culture Prototype for Systems Biology (Johnson Taylor, UTA)
  12. Decision Analytics for Healthcare Systems, (Misagh Faezipour, Kin Ming Kam, Na Wang, Susan Ferreira, Jay Rosenberger, Shouyi Wang, and Li Zeng)
  13. 3D Immersive Framework for Training Applications, (Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, UTD)
  14. Multimodal tools for emotionally aware healthcare interfaces, (Soroosh Mariooryad, Carlos Busso, UTD)
  15. A Novel Microwave-based Breast Examination Tool for Non-invasive Tumor Detection, (Kamran Kiasaleh, UTD)
  16. Cooperative Network Coding for Medical Applications, (Zygmunt Haas, UTD)
  17. Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies, (Yang Liu, UTD)
  18. A new method for inserting flexible medical needles, (Wooram Park, UTD)
  19. Phase-Based Control of Locomotion for High-Performance Prostheses and Orthoses, (Robert Gregg, UTD)
Due to space restrictions and also NSF guidelines restricting the dinner to be for company participants and the project's direct primaries, only persons who receive an invitation can be accommodated at this time. We hope that our lunch and coffee breaks will allow sufficient time for interaction to all others.



7:30 - 8:00AM Arrival and Breakfast - (posters and demos available for viewing)
8:00 - 9:30 AM LIFE FORM review and Discussion - NSF Evaluator Moderated (All participants)
9:30 - 10:15 AM Center Response to Feedback from Industry Workshop, LIFE (Center Director: Fillia Makedon, UTD site director: Ovidiu Daescu)
10:15 - 10:30 AM BREAK
10:30 - 11:15 AM Second NSF Closed Session with Industry (NSF and Industry)
11:15 - 11:45 AM Next Steps, Action Items & Closing Remarks (All participants)
11:45 AM ADJOURN (Box lunches)


  • Fillia Makedon

    Director, UTA
    Email: makedon@uta.edu
    Phone: 812-272-3605

  • Ovidiu Daescu

    Director, UTD
    Email: daescu@utdallas.edu
    Phone: 972-883-2349

  • Rong Zhang

    Coordinator, UTA
    Email: rongz@uta.edu
    Phone: 817-272-9088